Here at Maximum Scuba you will receive the best scuba diving training possible in the Houston, Texas area. We have 3 Padi 5 star Instructor Development Centers and Maximum Scuba is proud to have some of PADI’s top award winning staff in our stores. Maximum Scuba PADI Instructors, PADI Assistant Instructors, and PADI Dive Masters are hand picked. Maximum Scuba instructors represent PADI’s most Elite status teaching members. No other dive shops have as many PADI Elite status instructors on staff that produce as many safe competent divers in the Houston Area. They are known as some of the “Best of the Best” in the scuba industry and most certify 200-300 open water divers each year.  That’s experience! and when you are in a class for the first time that’s what you expect. Not only will you learn to be a safe competent scuba diver with our instructors, you will have FUN doing it!


Jeff Gordon

PADI Master Instructor

I never get enough of sharing my passion for the ocean environment with new divers. For me, diving has been a life-altering event. I am sure that you will find diving will change your life just as it has changed mine. The best day I can spend is introducing people to the wonderful underwater world.

Patrick Keller

PADI MSDT Instructor

I took my first classes in the pristine waters of Hawaii. I had a unique opportunity to travel and received my Dive Master in the Red Sea. My love for diving has ensured that I will gladly convey my knowledge and experience to all of the eager minds that enter my classes. You are the reason why I dive!

Neil Lowrey

PADI MSDT Instructor

I, like many Instructors, have a love for the water. It only seems natural to pick the sport of scuba Diving to begin my career as an Instructor. I love instructing as it allows me to share my passion of the underwater world to students for the first time.

Carl Griffing

PADI Master Instructor / PADI TecRec Tec Deep, Tec Trimix, & Tec Cave Instructor

Scuba diving is my passion and I enjoy being able to share my enthusiasm by introducing people to Scuba Diving, helping divers achieve their diving goals and continuing their diving adventures. My goal is to provide the highest quality training and to keep divers diving while creating lasting friendships. I am a full time active Recreational, Technical, and Cave Diving instructor with DAN, EFR, IANTD, MFA, NASE, NAUI, NSS-CDS, PADI, PSAI, and TDI.

Mark Erminger

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Scuba diving is my favorite thing to do. I was an instructor in the Air Force and an Astronaut Instructor for NASA. I love teaching people how to scuba dive and am willing to go the extra mile so that you can share my passion.

Greg Cowart

PADI MSDT Instructor

I got my Open Water certification in the winter of 1984 at Southwest Texas State University and began my professional dive career in 1989 with my Divemaster certification. In 2002 I became a PADI Instructor. My other lifelong career has involved safety and well-being of the public, working in fire and rescue for 17 years and being a fire service instructor. Want to know where to dive in Hawaii? Ask me, I lived and worked at a dive shop in Hawaii for 2 years. I’ve also traveled all over the Caribbean living, diving and having fun. I love to teach and show people the fun and wonders of the underwater world.

Jim Baber

PADI MSDT Instructor

: I first learned to scuba dive many years ago when everyone used dive tables because dive computers had not yet been invented. A lot has changed but my love for diving isn’t one of them. I came to Maximum Scuba to do my Divemaster training and I never left. During my Divemaster training I found I really enjoyed helping new students learn to scuba dive. So I trained to become a PADI Instructor, which has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I look forward to helping new and advancing students. I also love a challenge so if you think you can’t scuba dive, come see me.

Eric Brookshire

PADI MSDT Instructor

Daniela Petrescu

PADI Instructor

Assistant Instructors

Richard Fowler

PADI Assistant Instructor

My fascination with underwater world began as a young kid watching Jacques-Yves Cousteau on TV. I used to try to breathe out of my friends garden hose while swimming in his pool. When I went to school and found out you could take scuba as a PE. I signed up immediately. I became a certified diver in 1985 at Stephen F. Austin State University, and enjoyed diving off and on through the years. My daughter decided that she wanted her certification. It was at this time that I decided to get back into the sport full force and earned my certification as assistant instructor. I love to dive and have dove in many blue water locations. If you need a dive buddy, call me.

Wes Holt

PADI Assistant Instructor

Ed Guiney

PADI Assistant Instructor

I learned to scuba dive because I enjoy being under the water and seeing the various forms of beautiful aquatic life. I became a Assistant Instructor as a challenge to myself and as a way to share my knowledge with others and help them enjoy the underwater world as much as I do.