Price Match Guarantee

Maximum Scuba sells the top brand names in scuba diving and snorkeling equipment and will match any price from any authorized dealer! Just Ask!

If you find a lower price on a new, identical item, that we sell, just show us the lower price before check out and we will match that price, or give you the best price we can without compromising our service or your warranty. Our price match guarantee applies to prices from other brick-n-mortar retail stores and online stores.

Rental Scuba Equipment | Maximum Scuba Houston

Here at Maximum Scuba Houston, We believe that even if you don't own all of your scuba diving equipment you should still be able to rent and dive with good quality scuba gear. Our rental scuba equipment is the most affordable in Houston and will look great on any scuba diving vacation or Scuba class. We will never rent you worn out unsafe scuba gear. Our scuba equipment is frequently upgraded and most are less than a year old!

Rental Rates


Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate Weekly Rate
Tanks $10 $15 $50
BCD $25 $40 $125
Regulator with Gauges and Octo $25 $40 $125
Full Set (BCD & Regulator & Tank) $60 $95 $300
Computer $15 $20 $75
Console Gauges $10 $15 $50
Alternate Air Source $10 $15 $50
Weight and/or Weight Belt $10 $15 $50
Wet Suit $10 $15 $50
Mask $10 $15 $50
Gloves $5 $10 $25
Hood $10 $15 $50
Light $10 $15 $50

*Weekend Rental= 3 actual days
*Weekly Rental= 7 actual days
*All rental scuba gear should be clean and dry before returning or a cleaning fee will be added
*Credit card impression or check needed for rental

*Individuals scuba certified through Maximum Scuba receive half-off all rental equipment prices